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My 1st KIDS' BOOK- on Kickstarter!


Back this Kickstarter at any level:

  • I'll send you ONE FREE COPY of any of my books.

  • Just message me here to say you've backed me, & which book you want.

Now, here's the deal on this Kickstarter:

  • I made this illustrated children's book for the Denver Art Museum (DAM) (colors by Lonnie MF Allen)

  • It's 40 pages, &12.6 x 7.383 inches, hardcover

  • Both English & Spanish versions of the story are included

  • The campaign runs 30 days, but your card won't be charged until the end

  • I need to raise $8400 to print it

Sadly, the 2 DAM employees who commissioned me to do this book both had life-threatening medical emergencies, so they weren't able to get this book printed. (They're recovering now, but I got them to write essays for the book.)

So, I'm going to print it, with your help.

The book's already done, so you'll have it a couple of months after you back it!

Please support this book with your dollars, & encourage others to back it as well. Thanks! I appreciate you guys,



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