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R. Alan Brooks is a noted speaker, having addressed numerous high schools, colleges and universities for the last 5 years. He's also spoken at noteworthy events like TED Talks, Redline Contemporary Art Center's 48 Hours, and the Denver Independent Comics Expo. Alan places importance on connecting with his audience, and making sure that they feel connected to what he's saying, so that they get the most powerful experience from his speaking.


R. Alan Brooks' workshops are designed to make sure that the participants leave with a new skill set, plus the inspiration to act upon it. His workshop on overcoming creative fear has been an especially popular one, as it provides creative people with specific strategies to move past fear.

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As an experienced panel moderator, R. Alan Brooks believes that it's important to make sure that everyone on the panel has room to speak, and that no single person is dominating the conversation. He also works to set a comfortable tone for the audience when it's time to ask questions, so that they know what's expected, and everyone can communicate clearly.



As an event host, R. Alan Brooks works to keep the audience engaged, and the schedule moving. Among the many events he's hosted, the main stage for the Arise Music Festival had an audience of about 14,000 people.

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