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Can Art Change You?

I'm a writer & illustrator who makes graphic novels to entertain and inspire people.

Right now, when so many books are being banned, my goal is to show the humanity of Black people - beyond trauma, beyond slavery or Civil Rights stories.

And I want to extend the same creative storytelling to other people and groups whose stories we don't always hear.

These stories are important, and beautiful.

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People are taking notice...

I've had dozens of articles written about me, done multiple media appearances – and I’ve given a successful TED Talk that has earned 1.4 million views.
See my full list of features and appearances.
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I've sold thousands of copies of my books…

But these stories still need to reach a broader audience.
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The Burning Metronome

The Twilight Zone meets Lovecraft Country.

Five courageous explorers find themselves trapped in another world, with the strangest creatures they’ve ever seen: human beings.


"In The Burning Metronome, Brooks, Harris, and Strackbein gracefully open the way. Then, it's like you're right there in the house with the others. Don't be afraid. I think you'll enjoy your stay. Not so sure about the others."

-Jim Shooter, former editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics

"The Burning Metronome is a treat that seemingly starts one way, and then goes another. With unexpected twists and turns, the story pulls you in and leaves you wanting more."

-David Walker, co-creator of CW Television's Naomi

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Anguish Garden

Post-Apocalyptic Western - Alien meets Django Unchained

After a failed alien invasion, a teenager named Zola tracks people who are infected by an incurable virus and sends them to a quarantine called Anguish Garden.


"(An) interesting... take on the growth of white supremacy...a story about the escape from it instead of a direct battle with it."



"In Anguish Garden, Brooks... investigate(s) issues of race and identity through an allegorical lens."

-Regis University Magazine

Anguish Garden Red Cover - Comic by R Alan Brooks
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Grieving Mall

Supernatural Drama

Haunted by depressing news, Lorraine uncovers an eerie secret that her estranged mother tried to share with her years ago.




"(A) reflect(ion) on aspects of grief felt by many... especially regarding the things we leave unsaid until it is too late."

-The Mary Sue


"...a richly textured tale that explores Lorraine's story through her humanity, not her physique."

-5280 Magazine

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Let's Have A Conversation...


The more we see other people's stories, the more our empathy grows. We can use art to make the world around us better.

I want to be able to hire artists and pay for printing/distribution, in order to get these stories in front of more people.


That's what I need your help with.


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