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Moon Knight - Glossy Art Print 12"x18"



For a long time, comic book fans have been joking that Moon Knight is Marvel’s Batman.  Y’know: wealthy white dude, swings around the buildings of his city in a costume, throws little boomerang things. Later on, writers gave him mental health issues, to make him stand out on his own. Anyway, for this drawing, I wanted to show Moon Knight in a moment of action. But that was challenging, because his costume is all white, and I didn’t want to use heavy black lines for it. I was definitely using Greg Smallwood’s version as a reference for the costume. And I wanted the colors of the background to form a strong contrast with his all-white costume. Then, after I drew the figure, I thought it’d be funny to add that Batman and Robin gag at the bottom. So, here’s my version of a Moon Knight drawing. 



This poster has a partly glossy, partly matte finish.


• 10 mil (0.25 mm) thick

• Slightly glossy

• Fingerprint resistant

Moon Knight - Glossy Art Print 12"x18"

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