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WIM script for 7/7/23

Last week, the Supreme Court struck down student loan forgiveness, affirmative action for school admissions, and ruled that a business could choose to not serve LGBTQ+ people.

I'm writing this on the 4th of July, and I saw a meme that said, "America wanted to act like an asshole last week, and then expect me to show up and celebrate its birthday this week? Nah."

Anyway, I'll be reacting to all of this in the next couple of weeks at least. This week's WIM script is not optimistic per se, but I think we need to start at a place of identifying where things are. Cheers, Alan ========== I'll post the finished comic here on Thursday afternoon, so that my patrons get them early. You'll notice that in these WIM scripts, I don't use the formatting that I do for other scripts. This is because:

  1. These scripts aren't very long, so they're not as involved.

  2. Cori and I have worked together long enough that I don't have to be as explicit with her as with artists that I'm working with for the first or second time.

Anyway, if there are specific questions you guys have about these, please ask away!

This week's WIM script
Download PDF • 131KB


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