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Thanks, Slavery!

You guys have probably heard about Florida's new policy regarding how they teach the history of slavery.

In a previous post, I mentioned some of the issues with it, including the idea that Black people "learned valuable skills" that benefited us during slavery.

So, that's what I'm addressing in tomorrow's "What'd I Miss?" comic. As you know, patrons and supporters get to see the comic a day before it premieres in the newspaper. Here's an excerpt of a USA Today article about this issue in FL: In 1918, prominent American historian Ulrich Bonnell Phillips framed institutional slavery as a “school” that provided adequate training in modern technology and helped “civilize” slaves.

Last week, Florida announced a new curriculum that mirrored that rhetoric from more than a century ago, including lessons on how "slaves developed skills" for "personal benefit." Florida’s new education plan is the most recent example of a long history of the United States’ failure to adequately represent the institution of slavery and the lingering effects that enslaving humans has had on modern society.

Members of the Florida Board of Education who took part in the task force to create the new curriculum also doubled down on their decision, claiming in a statement that "some slaves developed highly specialized trades for which they benefitted" and cited 16 examples. The Tampa Bay Times found nearly half of the people named were not enslaved. Thanks for your time and support!



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