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Me & Andy

I'm using this obviously REAL &

NOT AT ALL FAKE photograph

of me with my buddy Andy Warhol -

- as a way to tell you about

the new show at @mca_denver!

It'll feature art by ME -

...AND Andy Warhol,

& lots of great artists!

It's called "Cowboy", and I'll

also be hosting monthly

events to support the exhibit.

It opens on SEPT 29th,

& here's the description:

"This sweeping exhibition will explore the origins of the American cowboy and how the figure and its mythology persist today. Cowboy challenges and revises cowboy myths and explores how we can reconsider this icon in exciting, courageous, and nuanced ways.

This ain’t our first rodeo! In typical MCA Denver opening party fashion, there will be live music, there will be drinks, and there will be new art on view for you to experience. Wild western wear is encouraged…if that’s not already a given! Round up your friends and join us!"


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