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My Passion Is In Storytelling

Graphic Novels, Screen Plays, Comic Writing Workshops, & Public Speaking

It's a wonderful thing when people can find beauty in disaster, and hope in the midst of despair. We're influenced by the concepts we consume - the stories, the human tales - and all these things teach us how to perceive ourselves.


So many things change all around us, but let's not get swept up in it all. When you can see some expression of yourself in art - your humanity, your pain, your love, your struggle - then the world isn't as overwhelming. And that's what I'm always chasing down in my stories - some way to convey everything that's human and vulnerable and true.


And hey, that hippie-talk might not be for everybody, but I love creating art that challenges - because I've always loved the art that challenged me. And I love creating art that heals, because I've been healed by art.


So, if you're into the idea of healing our little corners of the world, please support my work, and join the fam!


My First Children's Book!

Kickstarter Live Now

Now, here's the deal on this Kickstarter:

  • I made this illustrated children's book for the Denver Art Museum (DAM) (colors by Lonnie MF Allen)

  • It's 40 pages, & 12.6 x 7.383 inches, hardcover

  • Both English & Spanish versions of the story are included

  • The campaign runs 30 days, but your card won't be charged until the end

  • I need to raise $8400 to print it

The book's already done, so you'll have it a couple of months after you back it!

Please support this book with your dollars, & encourage others to back it as well. Thanks! I appreciate you guys,



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Dropkick Your Fear!

The World Needs Your Art

Are you one of those people who have a creative gift that no one knows about? Well, this motivating session was created just for YOU! Let me show you a few simple ways that you can dropkick your fear, and finally make a plan to create.

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Power Up!!!

Activate Your Creative Plan 

Get your Optic-Blast Superpower by joining our Monthly Writing Group. Make your mark on the world by bringing your ideas to life. We're creating a group of creative superheroes, and you're invited!


Thanks for submitting!

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