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WIM Script for 4/21/23

Here's the script for this week's "What'd I Miss?" There were 2 similar gun tragedies reported this week. But they both have their own subtleties and complexities, so I decided to deal with one this week, and the other one next week. Interestingly enough, I'd already written scripts for the next 2 weeks, but when I heard about these stories, I pushed those comics back. So, this particular script is about Ralph Yarl, a 16 year-old child who accidentally went to the wrong address when he was trying to pick up his 11 year-old brothers. He rang the doorbell, and the man inside shot him - THROUGH THE SCREEN DOOR! He shot this child in the head, and then the arm. Amazingly, Ralph Yarl is still alive, and hopefully, he recovers. But it's such a tragic and horrible story. Anyway, you'll see the illustrated comic soon. Also, just a reminder that I'm teaching the next class tomorrow through my site! See you then. Cheers, Alan ========== I'll post the finished comic here on Thursday afternoon, so that my patrons get them early. You'll notice that in these WIM scripts, I don't use the formatting that I do for other scripts. This is because:

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