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Nat Love

Nat Love - A Cowboy’s Life is a comic adaptation of the autobiography of Nat Love, a Black cowboy from the 1800s. He had a remarkable life, and a fictionalized version of him appeared in the Netflix film, The Harder They Fall.


This comic was a commission I did for the Denver Art Museum, and it’s still on display on the 7th floor of the Martin Building there. You can read it on a touch screen monitor there.


Or (!) you can buy this printed version of it. 


Before writing it, I read Nat Love’s autobiography, and had to distill his life down to 6 pages. This book contains the story, then a Spanish version of the story, as well as the original black & white art, the color art, and an afterword from Lauren Thompson, of the Denver Art Museum.


It’s been one of my best-sellers as of late.

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