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Anguish Garden

After a failed alien invasion, a teenager named Zola tracks people infected by an incurable virus, and sends them to a quarantine called Anguish Garden. But when a war veteran sabotages her efforts, Zola has to find out why. Anguish Garden is a post-apocalyptic Western, which is an allegory for leaving White supremacist movements.

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Anguish Garden 2

In Anguish Garden: Book II, Zola is trying to bring her friend's murderers to justice, but she keeps getting sidetracked by a new threat. And at least 3 armed groups want Mumford DEAD - All because of what he knows about an alien plague, and a quarantine called Anguish Garden. But Mumford hasn’t figured it all out yet.

The Return of Balthazar:
Denver Art Museum Edition

King Balthazar, one of the 3 biblical "wise men," has returned, under mysterious circumstances.

He tells us what it was like for him to meet an infant Jesus, and what he thinks of how he's been depicted throughout centuries of Christian art.

Both English and Spanish versions of the story are included in this edition.

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The Burning Metronome

A supernatural murder mystery, told in six 22-page chapters, The Burning Metronome is a 160-page graphic novel. Written by R. Alan Brooks, illustrated by Dion Harris with coloring/lettering by Matt Strackbein.

Read a free preview.

Grieving Mall

Haunted by depressing news, Lorraine uncovers an eerie secret that her estranged mother tried to share with her years ago.

Grieving Mall deals with issues of grief, family, and feeling disconnected.

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Nat Love:
Denver Art Museum Edition

Nat Love - A Cowboy’s Life is a graphic novel adaptation of the autobiography of Nat Love, a Black cowboy from the 1800s. He had a remarkable life, and a fictionalized version of him appeared in the Netflix film, The Harder They Fall.

This book was a commission for the Denver Art Museum, and it’s still on display on the 7th floor of the Martin Building there, where you can read it on a touchscreen monitor.

In this story, Nat Love’s autobiography is distilled down to a few pages. This book contains the story, then a Spanish version of the story, as well as the original black & white art, the color art, and an afterword from Lauren Thompson, of the Denver Art Museum.

Neighborhood Watch

Written during the George Floyd protests, R. Alan Brooks & artist Jolyon Yates teamed up for a 16 pg story about a young black boy who wanders into a suburban neighborhood. You can read this story for free, right now.

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One Fiction One Truth

A fictional detective story:
Reid has to find a saboteur before the wrong person goes to jail for a crime.


A true story:

The author survives a deadly incident in the snowy mountains of Massachusetts.


When his powers stop working, Clark has to find out what the source of the problem is.

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What'd I Miss

A collection of the first few years of What'd I Miss?, R. Alan Brooks and Cori Redford's weekly comic for The Colorado Sun. Exploring current events, politics, and human interaction through the eyes of two unlikely friends, the comic is anthologized here for the first time.

In 2021, What'd I Miss? won an award from the Society of Professional Journalists. 156 pages.

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